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Solving Problems in Electro-Mechanical Rotation

Since 1963, Meridian Laboratory has helped manufacturers, engineers and machine builders decrease
down-time and increase productivity through its customizable, precision electro-mechanical solutions.

Slip Ring Alternative ML6 Polyurethane Coatings

ROTOCON® Slip Ring Alternatives

Slip Ring Alternatives

High-performance rotary electrical commutators with brushless, zero-noise, maintenance-free operation in industrial applications.
ROTOCON environmentally sealed rotary contact assemblies are the high- performance electrical link between stationary and rotating components. Developed by Meridian Laboratory, the ROTOCON offers low and stable resistance (low noise) and high current handling capabilities – ideal for carrying both power and control signals within the same assembly.
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ML6® High-Friction, High-Precision Polyurethane-class Coatings

High-Friction, High-Precision Polyurethane-class Coatings

If you design or manufacture parts or machines that drive, idle or brake, you should know about the science of ML6. Developed by Meridian Laboratory, ML6 is a polyurethane-class material scientifically formulated for exceptionally high-friction and wearability characteristics. Parts precision-molded from ML6 are successfully used in a wide range of mechanical rotation applications, from printing and mail sorting equipment to glass handling, cable production, etc.
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Case Studies & Solutions Gallery

ROTOCON rotary electrical connector

ROTOCON® rotary electrical connector solves slip ring dilemmas for data equipment manufacturer.
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ROTOCON slip ring alternative

ROTOCON® slip ring alternative enables canning equipment maker to build high-speed video inspection system. Read More arrow link

Polyurethane material ML6

Polyurethane material ML6® solves rotational challenge for high-end turntable manufacturer.
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NASCAR video camera vibrations reduced with Meridian Laboratory custom solution.
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