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Discover the ML6 Difference

High Friction, High Precision, Low Wear Polyurethane Solutions

high precision polyurethane rollers

What sets ML6 high performance coatings apart from the rest?

  • Exclusive Polyurethane Blend
  • Superior Manufacturing Techniques and Perfect Surface Finish
  • Bonding Strength and Longevity
  • Standard and Custom Options
  • Variety of Colors and Durometers Available
  • Engineering Experience
Precision polyurethane molding

The ML6 Polyurethane Exclusive Blend

  • Our engineers work directly with raw material suppliers for tailored and proprietary blends of polyurethane
  • ML6 Precision polyurethane is specially designed for automation, production, and industrial applications and uses
  • Our polyurethane is also offered in a variety of colors and durometers (40A-90A, 60D)
Custom Polyurethane products

Superior Manufacturing Techniques

  • Final parts guaranteed within tolerance of up to 0.001” T.I.R. or better
  • Zero grind surface finish provides superior friction and durability
  • Exact repeatable results, regardless of quantity in all flat, concave, convex, notched or other shapes
Precision coated bearings

ML6 Bonding Strength and Longevity

  • Surface bond between polyurethane ML6 and a core is stronger than ML6 material itself
  • Outlasts conventional over-molded rubbers, urethanes, nitriles, and other materials
  • Ability to precisely coat very intricate portions of parts
Custom Polyurethane Molding

ML6 Standard and Custom Options

  • Single piece prototypes available in as little as 5 business days
  • Parts become standard as soon as one piece has been manufactured
  • Batch delivery of large orders available to be called in on daily basis if needed
polyurethane sheets

Variety of Colors and Durometers Available

  • Durometers include 40A, 55A, 70A, 80A, 90A, and 60D
  • Colors include yellow, blue, orange, black, red, white, green, and clear
  • Ability to change color and durometer without setup or change cost
High friction drive wheel

Meridian Laboratory’s Engineering Experience

  • Over 55 years of experience in delivering precision polyurethane solutions
  • Solution provider to small, niche operations and large corporations alike
  • Welcoming and receptive to new and complex challenges
  • Ability to change color and durometer without setup or change cost