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Rotary Union + Slip Ring Combinations

ROTOCON Slip Ring and Rotary Union Combinations

  • Rotating fluid union with electrical slip ring
  • ROTOCON MXT-23 Through Bore Brushless Slip Ring with Rotary Union
  • ROTOCON MXO-6-DNA-1021 Harsh Environment Slip Ring with a Three Port Rotary Union
  • Slip ring and rotary union
  • ROTOCON MX-8 with Ethernet and Power 4 Port Rotary Union used in Food and Beverage Packaging
  • Rotary Union Slip Ring

ROTOCON High-Performance Brushless Slip Ring Solutions

» Provides brush-free design requiring no user maintenance» Delivers clean electrical signal for both power & data, with no measurable noise
» Robust industrial design provides reliable long lasting performance » Remains unaffected by machine vibration or rotational speed

Applications requiring both electrical and media transfer can rely on Meridian Laboratory to provide fully integrated and customized solutions.  Meridian Laboratory has a wide variety of electrical and mechanical solutions accounting for various passage counts, media types, pressure, speeds, temperature specifications, and electrical circuit count.

The ROTOCON Difference

The environmentally sealed design of a ROTOCON protects internal connections from outside contaminants. The brushless contact design eliminates contact wear, dust, and maintenance – and gives you a much longer duty cycle than a traditional slip ring. It is ideal for heavy-duty, continuous use in industrial environments. Configurations are available to support over 10,000 Amps, 10,000 RPM, and 100 connections for both power and data.

Learn more about how ROTOCON brushless slip rings deliver unparalleled performance.

Why Choose ROTOCON? Request a ROTOCON quote

RPMUp to 15,000 RPM
MOUNTINGThrough-hole, end of shaft, or flange mount available
HOUSING6061 Aluminum or 304 Stainless steel
PASSAGESUp to 20 Passages
PRESSUREUp to 23,000 PSI - speed and media dependent
TEMPERATURE-321F to 900F, depending on options

Nearly any of Meridian Laboratory’s ROTOCON Slip Rings can be combined with rotary unions


  • Ability to transfer both media and electrical signals along or through a common shaft
  • High speed capable up to 15,000 RPM
  • Variety of mounting styles
  • Eliminates the need of using multiple sources for rotary union and electrical connectors
Slip ring and rotary union


  • Semiconductor wafer polishing & grinding
  • Hydroelectric turbines
  • Rotary indexing tables
  • Lathe chuck rotary unions
  • Coiled tubing hose reels
  • Rotary (bottle) capping machines
  • Through-tool coolant machining
Rotary Union Slip Ring
Slip ring and rotary union
Rotary Union Slip Ring

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