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Polyurethane Idler Rollers - High Tolerances & Unbeatable Durability

ML6 Precision Polyurethane Idler Rollers & Wheels

Precision Polyurethane Idler Rollers & Wheels

» Non-marking, durable polyurethane coating» Precision dimensional tolerances with low runout
» Bronze bushing self-lubricates to spin freely on shaft» Industry-leading bond strength between ML6 polyurethane and bushing

Meridian Laboratory ML6 precision polyurethane idler rollers can serve as guides, tensioning wheels, or in any application which requires a roller to spin freely on a shaft.  Precision polyurethane ML6 is bonded to an SAE 841 oil-impregnated bronze sleeve bushing, and is ideal for lighter duty applications with low to moderate speeds.  For high speed or heavier duty applications, see our complete line of ML6 precision polyurethane coated bearings.

All of Meridian Laboratory’s ML6 polyurethane idler rollers & wheels feature a cast polyurethane “tire” that is bonded to the core extremely well.  The bond strength of the polyurethane to the idler core itself is stronger than the polyurethane itself.  None of our polyurethane idler rollers are ground to size, guaranteeing both better tolerances (typically 0.0015″ or better), as well as maximum longevity.

Custom sizes and profiles are available very affordably, with turnaround times in as little as 5 days.

ML6 polyurethane idler rollers are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and durometers to meet any of your most demanding requirements. Click here to shop online.

Why Performance Matters

While it’s easy to think “it’s just a roller”, it’s even easier to lose sight of how much you ask of your rollers and wheels, day in and day out. Keeping your operations running with a minimum of downtime for machine repairs, feed jams, tuning of encoder wheels, or other time wasters (and money costers) means upgrading to superior components for your application. If you expect, and demand that your equipment do more, ML6 offers a proven upgrade you’ll notice immediately.

In this short video above, discover one (of many) reasons a more durable, precision roller can have a huge impact on your manufacturing environment.


Why Choose ML6? Request a ML6 quote

  • Converting and processor equipment
  • Aircraft seating trays
  • Paper, cardstock, and graphic printing systems
  • Nuclear fuel rod handling systems
  • Equipment door guides
  • Conveyor systems
Hardness Options
40A, 55A, 70A, 80A, 90A, 75D

Click to learn more about durometers

Custom colors available on request

Hardness (+/- 5)40A55A70A80A90A60D
Ultimate Elongation (%)640540540640500600
Ultimate Tensile (PSI)320053005600690062006400
Tear Strength, pli Die "C"150244332421568620
Compression Modulus (Young's Modulus)38083016601990646016200
Compression Set (%
22 Hrs. @ 158ºF)
Bashore Rebound (%)504137313552
Abrasion Loss, mm20022415994101115

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Standard Polyurethane Idler Roller Sizes

IdlerRoller 2021

Part #
(Specify Durometer as 'D')
(Specify as "D" in Part #)
Diameter (OD)Width (WD)Bore Diameter (ID)Core Diameter (CD)
BR-720-D40A | 55A | 70A | 80A | 90A | 75D0.375"0.250"0.125"0.250"
BR-721-D40A | 55A | 70A | 80A | 90A | 75D0.500"0.250"0.125"0.250"
BR-722-D40A | 55A | 70A | 80A | 90A | 75D0.500"0.250"0.1875"0.3125"
BR-723-D40A | 55A | 70A | 80A | 90A | 75D0.625"0.250"0.1875"0.3125"
BR-724-D40A | 55A | 70A | 80A | 90A | 75D0.625"0.250"0.250"0.375"
BR-725-D40A | 55A | 70A | 80A | 90A | 75D0.750"0.375"0.1875"0.375"
BR-726-D40A | 55A | 70A | 80A | 90A | 75D0.750"0.375"0.250"0.500"
BR-727-D40A | 55A | 70A | 80A | 90A | 75D0.750"0.750"0.1875"0.3125"
BR-728-D40A | 55A | 70A | 80A | 90A | 75D0.750"0.750"0.250"0.500"
BR-730-D40A | 55A | 70A | 80A | 90A | 75D1.000"0.500"0.250"0.500"
BR-731-D40A | 55A | 70A | 80A | 90A | 75D1.000"0.500"0.3125"0.500"
Custom / MetricNot seeing what you need? Contact Meridian Laboratory – standard and custom solutions with no minimum order quantity, delivered in as little as 5 days!