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Polyurethane Coated Yoke Followers/Track Rollers

ML6 Precision Polyurethane Yoke Rollers & Bearings

Precision Polyurethane Coated Yoke Rollers & Cam Followers

Meridian Laboratory ML6 polyurethane coated yoke cam followers (otherwise referred to as yoke rollers) are available in the same sizes as our studded cam followers, however they feature a thru-bore rather than a threaded shaft. All Meridian Laboratory ML6 polyurethane coated yoke rollers are American-made with high strength steel (available in stainless steel), and are sealed with ports located inside the bore for relubrication of the bearings ensuring maximum longevity.

They feature a smooth, quiet operation with better traction and abrasion resistance over nylon and other coverings. ML6 polyurethane is non-marking and will help protect the surface that the rollers ride on from wear and tear.

ML6 polyurethane coated cam/yoke followers & track rollers are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and durometers to meet any of your most demanding requirements.

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• Reduces noise while rotating
• Extreme strength bond between ML6 polyurethane and yoke roller
• Non-marking, durable polyurethane coating
• Improved traction against contact surfaces
• Reduced wear and increased longevity of contact surfaces
• Available in variety of colors and durometers

  • Stainless steel handling and manufacturing
  • Appliance assembly systems
  • Glass handling and production equipment
  • Fuel rod guiding systems
Hardness Options
40A, 55A, 70A, 80A, 90A, 60D

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Standard Urethane Yoke Rollers

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Part #
(Specify Durometer as 'D')
Durometer (Specify as ‘D’ in Part #)Outside Diameter (OD)Roller Width (RW)Overall Width (OW)Bore Diameter (ID)Hub Diameter (HD)
YR-643-D40A | 55A | 70A | 80A | 90A | 60D1.000”0.500”0.563"0.250"0.750"
YR-651-D40A | 55A | 70A | 80A | 90A | 60D1.250”0.625”0.688"0.313"1.000”
YR-659-D40A | 55A | 70A | 80A | 90A | 60D1.500”0.750”0.813"0.375"1.250”
YR-667-D40A | 55A | 70A | 80A | 90A | 60D1.750”0.875”0.938"0.438"1.500”
YR-675-D40A | 55A | 70A | 80A | 90A | 60D2.000”1.000”1.063"0.500"1.750”
YR-679-D40A | 55A | 70A | 80A | 90A | 60D2.125”1.000”1.063"0.500"1.875”
YR-683-D40A | 55A | 70A | 80A | 90A | 60D2.250”1.250”1.313"0.625"2.000”
YR-691-D40A | 55A | 70A | 80A | 90A | 60D2.500" 1.250"1.313"0.625"2.250"
YR-699-D40A | 55A | 70A | 80A | 90A | 60D2.750" 1.500"1.563"0.750"2.500"