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Polyurethane Coated Yoke Followers/Track Rollers

ML6 Precision Polyurethane Yoke Rollers & Bearings

Precision Polyurethane Coated Yoke Rollers & Cam Followers

Meridian Laboratory ML6 polyurethane coated yoke cam followers (otherwise referred to as yoke rollers) are available in the same sizes as our studded cam followers, however they feature a thru-bore rather than a threaded shaft. All Meridian Laboratory ML6 polyurethane coated yoke rollers are American-made with high strength steel (available in stainless steel), and are sealed with ports located inside the bore for relubrication of the bearings ensuring maximum longevity.

They feature a smooth, quiet operation with better traction and abrasion resistance over nylon and other coverings. ML6 polyurethane is non-marking and will help protect the surface that the rollers ride on from wear and tear.

ML6 polyurethane coated cam/yoke followers & track rollers are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and durometers to meet any of your most demanding requirements. Click here to shop online.

Why Precision Matters

While it’s easy to think “it’s just a roller”, it’s even easier to lose sight of how much you ask of your rollers and wheels, day in and day out. Keeping your operations running with a minimum of downtime for machine repairs, feed jams, tuning of encoder wheels, or other time wasters (and money costers) means upgrading to superior components for your application. If you expect, and demand that your equipment do more, ML6 offers a proven upgrade you’ll notice immediately.

In this short video above, discover one (of many) reasons a more durable, precision roller can have a huge impact on your manufacturing environment.


Why Choose ML6? Request a ML6 quote

• Reduces noise while rotating
• Extreme strength bond between ML6 polyurethane and yoke roller
• Non-marking, durable polyurethane coating
• Improved traction against contact surfaces
• Reduced wear and increased longevity of contact surfaces
• Available in variety of colors and durometers

  • Stainless steel handling and manufacturing
  • Appliance assembly systems
  • Glass handling and production equipment
  • Fuel rod guiding systems
Hardness Options
40A, 55A, 70A, 80A, 90A, 60D

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Standard Urethane Yoke Rollers

Part #
(Specify Durometer as 'D')
Durometer (Specify as ‘D’ in Part #)Outside Diameter (OD)Roller Width (RW)Overall Width (OW)Bore Diameter (ID)Hub Diameter (HD)
YR-643-D40A | 55A | 70A | 80A | 90A | 60D1.000”0.500”0.563"0.250"0.750"
YR-651-D40A | 55A | 70A | 80A | 90A | 60D1.250”0.625”0.688"0.313"1.000”
YR-659-D40A | 55A | 70A | 80A | 90A | 60D1.500”0.750”0.813"0.375"1.250”
YR-667-D40A | 55A | 70A | 80A | 90A | 60D1.750”0.875”0.938"0.438"1.500”
YR-675-D40A | 55A | 70A | 80A | 90A | 60D2.000”1.000”1.063"0.500"1.750”
YR-679-D40A | 55A | 70A | 80A | 90A | 60D2.125”1.000”1.063"0.500"1.875”
YR-683-D40A | 55A | 70A | 80A | 90A | 60D2.250”1.250”1.313"0.625"2.000”
YR-691-D40A | 55A | 70A | 80A | 90A | 60D2.500" 1.250"1.313"0.625"2.250"
YR-699-D40A | 55A | 70A | 80A | 90A | 60D2.750" 1.500"1.563"0.750"2.500"
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