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Unmatched Precision in Polyurethane

High Performance Polyurethane Manufacturing

Custom Polyurethane and Standard Catalog Motion Control Components

If you design, manufacture, or utilize parts that drive, idle or brake, you should know about the science of ML6. Developed by Meridian Laboratory for specific use in heavy industrial and manufacturing, ML6 is a polyurethane-class material scientifically formulated for exceptionally high-friction and low-wearability applications.

Our standard catalog of pre-coated polyurethane components includes:

Cam Followers

Idler Rollers

Encoder Wheels

Polyurethane Bearings

Standard Rollers and Shafts

A Wide selection of Drive Rollers

Or you can contact us to get a quote on any custom polyurethane molding or coating project.

Learn the Advantages of Meridian Laboratory ML6

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