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Wireline Collector Slip Rings

ROTOCON Wireline Slip Rings (MXV)

ROTOCON High-Performance Brushless Slip Ring Solutions

» Provides a maintenance-free, high-voltage (600V - 3500V) slip ring solution » Delivers clean electrical signal for both power & data, with no measurable noise
» Robust industrial design provides reliable long lasting performance » Remains unaffected by machine vibration or rotational speed

Meridian Laboratory offers a full line of ROTOCON MXV slip rings, collector rings, and rotary electrical connectors as drop-in replacements to existing wireline logging reels and applications.  Standard wireline slip ring models are offered in voltages of 600V, 1500V, and 2500V and are available in up to 12 conductors total. Custom ROTOCON wireline slip ring models can be configured up to 3500V and 20 conductors.

ROTOCON wireline collector rings are oil-filled and environmentally sealed – allowing them to operate outdoors and in harsh environments without any additional protective covers or measures necessary.  They are unaffected by dust and water and do not require any routine maintenance or adjustment – simply delivering an extremely clean signal without noise, shorts, or cross-talk; providing end-users with better data in the field resulting in higher yield with less downtime.

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Unlike conventional brushed slip rings which rely on metal on metal contacts and are limited by RPM, electrically noisy, and require adjustment and maintenance for proper operation – all ROTOCONs are brushless, functioning through a molecularly bonded viscous metal film which remains unaffected by speed, provides clean and noise-free electrical signals, and requires zero maintenance.

Video: Conventional Slip Ring vs. ROTOCON Signal Quality Demonstration

YouTube video

The ROTOCON platform utilizes a sealed contact system that is brushless, 100% maintenance-free, and provides the cleanest electrical signal available in any rotary electrical contact solution, for both power and data signals, you can count on no measurable change of resistance (noise) from a ROTOCON rotary electrical union.

Customers rely on ROTOCON slip rings for their wireline success:

Meridian Laboratory MXV style slip rings have been superior to any other high voltage wireline slip rings we have tried in years past for our wireline trucks.  The sealed contact design of their slip rings keeps dust and debris from affecting the performance of the wireline slip ring.  We continue to replace all of our brushed slip rings from other manufacturers with Meridian Laboratory high voltage, MXV series slip rings as they wear out.  We highly recommend Meridian Laboratory MXV series slip rings for all wireline applications and oil field service providers.

– Wireline Customer

End of Shaft Mounting
End of Shaft Mounting
Double End of Shaft Mounting
Double End of Shaft Mounting
Flange Mounting
Flange Mounting
Shaft Flange Mounting
Shaft Flange Mounting
Torque Restraint Mounting
Torque Restraint


  • Cased Hole Logging
  • Wireline Logging
  • Perforating & Plug Setting
  • Wireline Collector Ring
  • Wireline Logging Slip Ring
  • Wireline Rotary Electrical Connector
Wireline slip ring, wireline reel, wireline truck, wireline collector ring
Wireline slip ring
Wireline slip ring, wireline reel, wireline truck, wireline collector ring

Wireline Slip Ring Models

MXV Series
1. Standard wireline mounting flange – others available upon request
2. All dimensions in inches, unless otherwise noted

Voltage LevelModel #ContactsConnector TypeMax Current / ContactMax Current / Unit
1500VMXV-2-WG24 Pin MIL-Spec10A20A
MXV-2-SI22 Pin MIL-Spec10A20A
MXV-2-UHF22 Pin BNC10A20A
Mating connectors available upon request
For higher voltages, increased amperage ratings, or more contacts, contact Meridian Laboratory for more models & solutions.