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Roller Stripping Recoating and Repair Services

ML6 Roller Recovery

Polyurethane Roller Recovery, Repair, and Replacement

» High friction roller surface» T.I.R. guaranteed <0.0015” or better
» Non-marking, durable ML6 polyurethane material » Industry-leading bond strength

Meridian Laboratory not only supplies new rollers but also repairs, recoats, and recovers existing rollers that no longer perform or meet specifications as needed.  This service is available for all rollers, not just those manufactured by Meridian Laboratory.  Choosing polyurethane ML6 to replace your rubber, silicone, nitrile, or foam rollers will result in increased friction, high durability, and extremely tight tolerances.

Upon receipt of rollers, shafts, and other parts for refurbishment, Meridian Laboratory will analyze the parts as follows:

  1. Measure existing coating for dimensions or obtain desired measurement and sizes.
  2. Measure durometer of existing coatings or obtain desired durometer.
  3. Confirm with customer desired dimensions, colors, and durometers.
  4. Measure cores, shafts, and other parts for tolerances.
  5. Repair or replace any cores that are out of tolerance.
  6. Bond new Meridian Laboratory polyurethane ML6 to specifications.
  7. Measure and ensure recovered tolerances match desired specifications.

If desired, Meridian Laboratory’s team will also make recommendation on changes to rollers, shafts, and other parts that need recovering.  Whether the desired outcome is cost reduction, increased longevity, or higher friction the Meridian Laboratory’s team can assist you in achieving your goals. Custom sizes and profiles are available very affordably, with turnaround times in as little as 5 days.

Why Choose ML6? Request a ML6 quote

  • Glue rollers
  • Nip rollers
  • Contact rollers
  • Pinch rollers
  • Slitter rollers
  • Conveyor systems
Hardness Options
40A, 55A, 70A, 80A, 90A, 75D

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Custom colors available on request

Hardness (+/- 5)40A55A70A80A90A60D
Ultimate Elongation (%)640540540640500600
Ultimate Tensile (PSI)320053005600690062006400
Tear Strength, pli Die "C"150244332421568620
Compression Modulus (Young's Modulus)38083016601990646016200
Compression Set (%
22 Hrs. @ 158ºF)
Bashore Rebound (%)504137313552
Abrasion Loss, mm20022415994101115

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