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Precision, high friction polyurethane

High Performance Polyurethane | The ML6 Difference

What sets ML6 high performance coatings apart from the rest?

  • Exclusive Polyurethane Blend
  • Superior Manufacturing Techniques and Perfect Surface Finish
  • Bonding Strength and Longevity
  • Standard and Custom Options
  • Variety of Colors and Durometers Available
  • Engineering Experience

Meridian Laboratory’s Exclusive Polyurethane ML6 Blend

Contrary to popular belief, not all polyurethane products are created the same!  Polyurethane is a raw base material used in thousands of products including: furniture, bedding, footwear, floor coatings, and common household items.  Polyurethane part manufacturers often use standard, off the shelf, low quality raw material.  While raw polyurethane is adequate for some applications, it has limitations in its ability to be molded precisely, and remain stable in its dimensions and wear ability for industrial and production applications.

Meridian Laboratory has worked directly with raw base polymer manufacturers for over 55 years, and engineers have developed custom polyurethane ML6 blends which have been perfected for use in automation, production, converting, and other applications.  Our ML6 blends are exclusive and proprietary to Meridian Laboratory, and are unlike any other polyurethane materials available on the market.  We offer a variety of blends varying in hardness from 40A to 60D durometer.  With more than 55 years of experience working with polyurethanes, we provide in-depth design knowledge and recommendations for both standard and custom products.

  • Our engineers work directly with raw material suppliers for tailored and proprietary blends of polyurethane
  • ML6 Precision polyurethane is specially designed for automation, production, and industrial applications and uses
  • Our polyurethane is also offered in a variety of colors and durometers (40A-90A, 60D)

Above are photos of two rollers seemingly the same, both manufactured to 55A durometer.  Meridian Laboratory’s roller (left/blue) has remained stable and the same over time and use, while a competitor’s roller (right/orange) has broken down, becoming soft and malleable over time and use, which effects the performance and output of the roller.

Superior Manufacturing Techniques

Most manufacturers of standard and custom polyurethane components rely on traditional techniques of over-molding and using an abrasive grinding processes to achieve final dimensions and surface finishes.  While this technique works for some components, it is counterproductive to break the sealed surface and outer “skin” layer, while attempting to maximize surface friction and longevity.  By opening this outermost layer of urethane to the outside world, the end-product now allows for particles and substrates to leach into the surfaces of the part, versus staying on the top of the solid surface.  This, along with a splitting of the grain structure of the material surface accelerates wear, promotes premature degradation, and tearing-off of the material.

Meridian Laboratory ML6 rollers (left), next to conventional ground polyurethane rollers (right)

Meridian Laboratory’s time-tested manufacturing techniques provide parts that require no surface finish grinding.  Through precision molding and bonding, we are able to deliver repeatable, consistent, and exact tolerances, no matter if the quantity is one or 1,000,000 parts.  By not grinding the final surface finishes of Meridian Laboratory precision polyurethane ML6 parts, the end result is a smooth, more precise, and longer lasting product.  Eliminating the need for grinding also significantly improves friction and wear characteristics of ML6 parts.  Contrary to conventional belief, the rough surface left when grinding polyurethane does not provide the best surface friction.  For the same reasons a drag racing tire is flat, smooth, and tacky in nature – our precision molded polyurethane parts are able to provide the best surface friction in comparison to conventionally ground polyurethane parts and other conventional rubbers, nitriles, urethanes, and materials, while maintaining superior wear characteristics.

Meridian Laboratory has over 55 years of experience in designing and manufacturing standard and complex custom parts for all industries.  Through its unique manufacturing and production processes, we are able to deliver low-volume prototype parts, (as low as a single piece) at affordable costs, and progressively ramp up production capabilities as volume requirements grow, (as high as thousands per month).

  • Final parts guaranteed within tolerance of up to 0.001” T.I.R. or better
  • Zero grind surface finish provides superior friction and durability
  • Exact repeatable results, regardless of quantity in all flat, concave, convex, notched or other shapes

Watch the video below to see first had the advantage of Meridian Laboratory’s manufacturing techniques.

ML6 Bonding Strength and Longevity

Meridian Laboratory is able to offer polyurethane sheets, bumpers, gaskets, rings, seals, and other standard and custom standalone polyurethane parts up to 24” in diameter, height, or length.  While many customers utilize ML6 polyurethane components without any core at all, Meridian Laboratory ML6 precision polyurethane is especially effective when bonded to a core.  Cores can range in material and properties, (but are not limited to), all grades of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, ceramics, plastics, and a variety of other exotic metals and polymers.

Our time and application tested process guarantees an extremely strong bond between the ML6 material and its core.  In fact, the bond is so strong the polyurethane material will tear before the bond separates or breaks.  This is especially important in high friction and high load operations such as converting, driven rollers, centerless grinding, and other continuous and heavy load applications.  Through its unique and exclusive manufacturing process, Meridian Laboratory is able to coat very select and intricate portions of a part, while leaving other areas blank and uncoated.

  • Surface bond between polyurethane ML6 and a core is stronger than ML6 material itself
  • Outlasts conventional over-molded rubbers, urethanes, nitriles, and other materials
  • Ability to precisely coat very intricate portions of parts

ML6 Standard and Custom Options

Meridian Laboratory has helped engineers, designers, maintenance technicians, and innovators around the world bring their designs to life.  In the past custom precision polyurethane was thought to be an expensive and lengthy process. Through our unique and versatile prototype and production techniques, parts can be delivered in volumes as low as one piece, in as little as 5 business days.

Through our exclusive and superior technique, as soon as a part is manufactured once, it becomes something that is standard to us.  Once standard it can be repeated an infinite number of times, with cost effective and repeatable results.  Meridian Laboratory is able to offer parts delivered complete with a core included, or simply coat existing parts provided by customers.  We manufacture and produce on a daily basis, and can deliver high volume production runs in batch deliveries to meet your needs and usage patterns.

  • Single piece prototypes available in as little as 5 business days
  • Parts become standard as soon as one piece has been manufactured
  • Batch delivery of large orders available to be called in on daily basis if needed

Variety of Colors and Durometers AvailablePolyurethane Sheets - alt 12

We can also accommodate different color and durometer requirements, based on usage, application specifics, or requirements of a machine.  For testing and evaluation periods, Meridian Laboratory is able to deliver different durometers and colors at no additional cost for changeover in color, or durometer between multiple parts.

Standard durometers include 40A, 55A, 70A, 80A, 90A, and 60D while standard colors include (but are not limited to) yellow, blue, orange, black, red, white, green, and clear.  Coloring generally allows for differentiation between durometers or be used to identify proper placement of components within a machine.  Meridian Laboratory’s steady and daily production schedule also allows for changes to be made to the color and/or durometer, even if in the middle of large volume production runs.

  • Durometers include 40A, 55A, 70A, 80A, 90A, and 60D
  • Colors include yellow, blue, orange, black, red, white, green, and clear
  • Ability to change color and durometer without setup or change cost

Meridian Laboratory’s Engineering Experience

From a humble beginning, Meridian Laboratory has evolved and proven itself to be a leader in delivering standard and custom precision polyurethane solutions to industries and customers across the world.  In working with Meridian Laboratory, customers rely on its talented engineers to assist in product design and make recommendations to maximize efficiency, reduce cost, and improve overall product design.  We have been a partner and provider to small, niche operations and the world’s largest corporations alike.  Through our direct ties to application design and production, Meridian Laboratory has thousands of success stories to share with customers, oftentimes directly related to a specific application challenge solved once before.

Meridian Laboratory is not afraid of challenges and we welcome all potential uses of this time-tested and application-proven, precision polyurethane.  Customers oftentimes approach us with “impossible” ideas and concepts that we had not even imagined.  Meridian Laboratory welcomes these opportunities, and encourages you to send your requests, no matter how challenging or intricate they may be.

  • Over 55 years of experience in delivering precision polyurethane solutions
  • Solution provider to small, niche operations and large corporations alike
  • Welcoming and receptive to new and complex challenges
  • Ability to change color and durometer without setup or change cost