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Delivering Unrivaled Quality and Performance

Industry-Leading Solutions in Motion Control and Automation

About Meridian Laboratory

Our wide range of industry-leading solutions help manufacturers, engineers, and machine builders solve complex problems worldwide.

Learn how we can help solve yours too.

Solving Problems Worldwide

The History behind ROTOCON Rotary Electrical Connectors

Meridian Laboratory’s unique high-performance ROTOCON slip ring technology solves problems that traditional slip rings simply cannot, since 1963.


The History behind ML6 Polyurethane

For nearly 60 years, Meridian Laboratory has developed industry-leading precision polyurethane solutions for every type of industry and application.

Mail House Rollers
Mail House Rollers

Do you have a challenge that requires a solution?

Meridian Laboratory designs and manufactures industry-leading solutions for challenging applications  and is focused on delivering only the highest quality solutions. Meridian Laboratory enables manufacturers, engineers, and machine builders to make the impossible, possible.
Simply put – our products solve complex problems and we welcome the opportunity to help solve yours too.

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