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Ditch your slip ring.

See the ROTOCON difference in high-performance rotary electrical connectors.


A slip ring…that isn’t a slip ring.  Contrary to traditional, metal on metal, brushed slip rings, Meridian Laboratory’s ROTOCON® technology is unique in its design and function by relying on a molecularly bonded, mercury-wetted film contact chamber that remains unaffected by vibration, total revolutions, or continuous usage. As a result, ROTOCON® slip rings require zero maintenance over the course of their life.

For unbeatable performance and longevity, rely on ROTOCON® technology to provide rotating electrical connectors that are brushless, produce zero noise, are maintenance-free, and provide industry leading, proven performance for continuous use applications and industrial environments.

Meridian Laboratory ROTOCON® technology is offered in a variety of package sizes to meet the rigorous demands and ever changing specifications of today’s applications. Our ROTOCON® Product lineup features over 1,200 standard designs while maintaining the ability to produce built-to-order, customized solutions in a cost effective and time sensitive manner.

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