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Miniature / High Speed Slip Rings (2K - 10K RPM)


  • High speed rotary electrical connector
  • High Speed 4-Channel Slip Ring Rated to 10K Amps
  • Combination Slip Ring and Fiber Optic Rotary Joint for use in medical device
  • Medical Device Slip Rings for high Frequency use
  • ROTOCON MM-12-0213 High Speed Brushless Slip Ring
  • High speed ROTOCON rotary connector
  • ROTOCON MMS-2-02-13 Dual Shaft High Speed Brushless Slip Ring
  • High speed slip rings
  • High speed slip ring

ROTOCON High-Performance Brushless Slip Ring Solutions

» Provides a maintenance-free, compact, high-speed (2K - 10K RPM) solution » Delivers clean electrical signal for both power & data, with no measurable noise
» Robust industrial design provides reliable long lasting performance » Remains unaffected by machine vibration or rotational speed

For applications featuring a limited mounting space and/or operating at speeds above 2,000 RPM, Meridian Laboratory offers its unique compact ROTOCON MM Series.  With up to 12 contacts/channels available, the ROTOCON MM series of high-speed slip rings are capable of transmitting both low current power, as well as signal and data within the same assembly.

Like all ROTOCON brushless slip rings, the contact resistance is extremely low (<0.1mΩ), both when stationary and while rotating. The MM Series of high-speed slip rings is especially well utilized in high-speed applications (above 2,000 RPM) and remains unaffected in performance or longevity.

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If you require more contacts than 12, or if the application is not space limited, see our full lineup of M-Series, End-of-Shaft, ROTOCON rotary electrical connectors. For applications that require operating speeds greater than 10,000 RPM (up to 40,000 RPM), see our UHS-Series, ROTOCON Ultra-High-Speed Rotary Transmitters.

Unlike conventional brushed slip rings which rely on metal on metal contacts and are limited by RPM, electrically noisy, and require adjustment and maintenance for proper operation, all ROTOCON slip rings are brushless, functioning through a molecularly bonded viscous metal film which remains unaffected by speed, provides clean and noise-free electrical signals, and requires zero maintenance.
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Video: Conventional Slip Ring vs. ROTOCON Signal Quality Demonstration

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The ROTOCON platform utilizes a sealed contact system that is brushless, 100% maintenance-free, and provides the cleanest electrical signal available in any rotary electrical contact solution, for both power and data signals, you can count on no measurable change of resistance (noise) from a ROTOCON rotary electrical union.

RPMModel dependent, see model specifications
MOUNTINGEnd of shaft or flange (Click here for installation and best practices video.)
HOUSING MATERIALAnodized aluminum or 304 stainless steel
TERMINATIONSRing terminals, flying leads, or miniature connectors
OPERATIONCan be operated in any direction or orientation
MAINTENANCEFeatures permanently lubricated bearings, brush-free design requires no user maintenance

Mechanical Mounting Options Website

VOLTAGEStandard: Up to 600V AC/DC, Optional: Up to 1,500V AC/DC
AMPERAGEModel dependent, up to 4A/channel (channels can be bridged in parallel, for higher capacity)
FREQUENCYUp to 1GHz (Application dependent)
DATA & SIGNAL TRANSMISSIONEthernet (10/100/1000Mbps), Etherlink, LAPPNET, Profinet, Profibus, ControlNet, DeviceNet, CAN-Bus, RS485, RS432, RS422, USB (1.0/2.0), Modbus, EtherCAT, CC-Link, coax, thermocouple (all types) and all other major communication protocols (With an appropriate number of circuits and cables)
ROTATING CONTACT RESISTANCESame as stationary contact resistance (<0.1mΩ)
OPERATIONIntrinsically immune to internal arcing

Electrical Termination Options Website

AMBIENT TEMPERATURENot to exceed 160˚F (70˚C)
IP RATINGAvailable up to IP67

Mechanical Mounting Options Website

Electrical Termination Options Website

RPMUp to 15,000 RPM
MOUNTINGThrough-hole, end of shaft, or flange mount available
HOUSING6061 Aluminum or 304 Stainless steel
PASSAGESUp to 20 Passages
PRESSUREUp to 23,000 PSI - speed and media dependent
TEMPERATURE-321F to 900F, depending on options
FIBER TYPESSingle-mode E9/125μm
Multi-mode G50/125 μm
Multi-mode G62.5/125 μm
*Fiber protection available
CHANNELSStandard: 1, 2, 3-20 Channels
Custom: Up to 81 Channels
DIGITAL DATA TRANSMISSIONUp to 40Gbits/s per channel
RPMUp to 3,000 RPM (Model specific)


  • Stress/strain gage monitoring
  • Wind turbine control
  • High speed dynamometer measurement
  • Torque/vibration monitoring
  • Bio-monitoring of laboratory specimens
  • High speed satellite transmission
High speed slip ring
High speed slip rings
High speed slip ring

Compact Miniature - End of Shaft Models

MM Series

ModelMax Current (Continuous)Body LengthWeight (including 36" leads)RPM (Continuous / Momentary)
MM-25.5A1.14"3.08 oz.8,000 / 10,000
MM-34A1.3"3.61 oz.8,000 / 10,000
MM-44A1.46"4.14 oz.8,000 / 10,000
MM-62.75A1.78"5.20 oz.8,000 / 10,000
MM-81.5A2.1"6.26 oz.6,000 / 8,000
MM-101.5A2.42"7.32 oz.6,000 / 8,000
MM-121.5A2.58"7.85 oz.6,000 / 8,000
Not seeing what you need? Contact Meridian Laboratory for more models and information.

Click here for installation and best practices video.