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ROTOCON® Slip Ring Industries and Applications

ROTOCON® High Performance Slip Rings are engineered for a wide range of applications and environments.

Industrial Automation Slip Rings

ROTOCON® Performance is built on over half a century of application in a wide variety of operating industries and environments. In nearly every heavy industrial or manufacturing environment, the need to pass power or data signal through rotating equipment is present, and ROTOCON Slip Rings are currently in use in industries as varied as oil and gas exploration, textile production, food and beverage packaging, industrial rotary welding, robotics, and many more.
Below you can find a brief overview of ROTOCON Slip Ring applications in a select number of industries. If you don’t see your application or industry listed, and want to know more about whether or not ROTOCON is right for your application, please feel free to contact us.
Alternative EnergyAutomotiveConverting
DefenseFactory AutomationLaboratory & Testing
Food & BeverageManufacturing & ProductionMarine & Offshore
Plastic MoldingRenewable EnergyResearch & Development


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