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Meridian Laboratory and the History of Industrial Automation

About Us

Meridian Laboratory is an automation and machine component designer and manufacturer located in the United States.  Meridian Laboratory specializes in providing industrial-grade, high-performance slip rings known as ROTOCON®, as well as ML6®, a series of standard and customizable precision polyurethane products.

Founded in 1963, Meridian Laboratory attracts numerous repeat customers, some of whom Meridian Laboratory has proudly continuously served for more than 40 years. Headquartered in Middleton, Wisconsin – Meridian Laboratory continues to solve complex electrical and mechanical problems for customers worldwide. With over 50 years of operation, Meridian Laboratory continually designs and develops electrical and mechanical solutions through advanced engineering and high-precision manufacturing to meet the needs of changing industries.

Meridian Laboratory prides itself on being experienced, detail orientated, and responsive throughout its entire business process.  By choosing Meridian Laboratory, you are choosing a provider with the experience and attention to detail necessary to solve your complex engineering problems.  Meridian Laboratory’s team excels in listening and understanding bottlenecks, and providing quality solutions to maximize productivity and return on investment.

Meridian Laboratory serves a multitude of industries worldwide. ROTOCON slip ring alternatives are used in processes and equipment such as bottling, canning, paper manufacturing, welding, plating, and packaging.  ROTOCON slip ring alternatives are an excellent choice for harsh industrial and environmental applications such as oceanographic winches, automotive production, battery manufacturing, silicon wafer polishing machines, testing and measurement controls, and oil and gas well logging.  ROTOCON slip rings have a long history of providing success to its users and applications – to learn more, click here.

Meridian Laboratory’s ML6 precision polyurethane products bring efficiencies to drives, brakes and idlers in the cable industry, mail sorting systems, printing operations, plastics manufacturers, encoder wheels, aircraft manufacturing, vehicle passenger lifts and many other applications.  To learn more about the history of success which precision polyurethane ML6 has been able to provide its customers, click here.

Meridian Laboratory’s wide range of electrical and mechanical solutions continuously helps manufacturers, engineers, and machine builders solve complex problems, decrease down-time and increase productivity. To learn more, check out our blog for more information or contact Meridian Laboratory today to learn how its standard and customized solutions can help improve your process, machine, or application.