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Kick-Start your Career at Meridian Laboratory!

Meridian Laboratory is a growing company; we welcome new team members who fit our positive and innovative culture. We offer a secure future, fantastic benefits, with great opportunities to build a career in a challenging and rewarding work environment.

We are purposely growing our team:

If you are interested in innovation, and being part of an exciting & progressive team
If you have interests in developing and creating processes to turn raw materials into finished products
If you want to work with state-of-the-art machines and equipment in a clean, professional facility

Meridian Laboratory could be an ideal match!

Our Exciting Culture and World Renowned Products

Meridian Laboratory is an industry leading manufacturer of ROTOCON Brushless Slip Rings that support up to 10,000 Amps, 40,000 RPM and over 100 connections for both power and data, as well as ML6 Precision Polyurethane Products that deliver final parts guaranteed within tolerance of up to 0.001” T.I.R. or better! Our wide range of high performance, industry-leading solutions continuously help manufacturers, engineers, and machine builders solve complex problems.

Progressive | Supportive | Fun | Innovative

Our projects are challenging and our products are critical within all the industries we serve, which leads to supported innovation from every team member. Meridian Laboratory invests in tools needed for the best results (software, machinery, test equipment, etc.). All ideas are explored, regardless of how far “out-of-the-box” they may seem. Ours is a culture of seeking for understanding.

Our Products & Engineering Expertise is essential to the most influential companies around the globe

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Learn About ML6 Polyurethane Learn About ROTOCON Slip Rings

If you feel like this would be a great match, Contact us Today!

Our Culture, Your Future

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Toll-Free: 800-837-6010
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