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Polyurethane Rollers, Suction Drums, MBO Sure Grip, Folder Rolls, Servo Rolls

Polyurethane Mail House Equipment

Polyurethane Mailroom Products

Meridian Laboratory high-quality ML6 precision polyurethane rollers have delivered the best results to the mailing industry for decades. The reason so many choose ML6 is the longevity of our products, low cost, and availability. ML6 polyurethane rollers feature a perfect surface finish and no grinding, creating the best ID and OD tolerances (+/-0.001”).

Manufacturers Supported:

  • Pitney Bowes
  • Bell and Howell
  • Multi-Feeder
  • Sure-Feed
  • GBR
  • MBO
  • OCE
  • Streamfeeder
  • Mailcrafter
  • Lasermax
  • And More!


Why Precision Matters

While it’s easy to think “it’s just a roller”, it’s even easier to lose sight of how much you ask of your rollers and wheels, day in and day out. Keeping your operations running with a minimum of downtime for machine repairs, feed jams, or other time wasters (and money costers) means upgrading to superior components for your application. If you expect, and demand that your equipment do more, ML6 offers a proven upgrade you’ll notice immediately.

Take a look at the short video below to see one (of many) very simple reasons a more durable, precision roller can have a huge impact on your manufacturing environment.



  • Molded finish provides a perfect surface finish
  • Increased longevity and reduced tear-off over ground finishes
  • T.I.R. guaranteed <0.0015” or better
  • Non-marking, durable polyurethane ML6 material
  • Bond strength to core is stronger than polyurethane ML6 material
  • Available in variety of colors and durometers

Hardness Options
40A, 55A, 70A, 80A, 90A

Click to learn more about durometers

Rolls We Recover

Part Number / Roll ID(s)Description
335798Servo Roller Long
335799Servo Roller Short
232832Feed Drum (Speed)
262496Feed Drum (Standard)
343166Feed Roller (Square)
252398Feed Roller (Small Dia)
258957Short Green Roller
23936Long Green Roller
359314Roller w/ Pulley-Short
359315Roller w/ Pulley-Long
Y618001Envelope Tire (Ring)
Y490525Stacker or "D" Roll
Y613000Over-Under Roll
Y100407Separator Roll
Y680061Flapper Roll
8780055APS Roller
848069 - 848071APS Fold Rolls

Want to speak with an ML6 expert today? Contact Meridian Laboratory – standard and custom solutions with no minimum order quantity, delivered in as little as 5 days!