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  • Molded Polyurethane Drive Wheel
  • Custom Molded, Polyurethane Drive Wheels
  • Tight Tolerance Rubber Drive Wheel
  • Urethane Flapper Wheel
  • Tight Tolerance, Hubbed Polyurethane Molded Drive Roller
  • Coreless Corrugated Packaging Roller
  • Polyurethane Covered Encoder Wheel
  • Bonded Polyurethane Zero Crush Wheel, No Crush Roller
  • Zero-Crush Wheel Idler Roller
  • Custom Rubber Overmolded Idler Roller
  • Custom Molded Polyurethane Bumpers
  • Overmolded ML6 Polyurethane Bronze Bushings
  • Custom Molded, Tight Tolerance Drive Roller
  • Custom Keyed Drive Wheel
  • ML6 Custom Molded Polyurethane Idler Rollers
  • Precision Molded ML6 Polyurethane Covered Shaft
  • Mailroom Equipment Roller and Drive Wheel with durable overmolded rubber coating
  • ML6 Urethane Coated Mailroom Rollers
  • Recoated Urethane Tire Wheel
  • Mailroom Polyurethane Rollers
  • Custom Polyurethane Mailroom Rollers
  • ML6 Overmolded Polyurethane Bearing
  • Standard and Custom Polyurethane Drive Wheels
  • Polyurethane Coated Mailroom Rollers
  • Mailroom Polyurethane Rollers
  • Mailroom ML6 Polyurethane Rollers
  • Precision polyurethane rollers

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Polyurethane Mailroom Rollers and Singulators

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Polyurethane Mailroom Rollers and Singulators Model Specifications

» Single piece to high volume quantities supported» Fast and reactive turnaround times to meet your needs
» High quality and repeatable results, time after time » Dedicated and creative engineering support to ensure project needs are met

Meridian Laboratory’s high-quality, low-cost ML6 precision polyurethane rollers have delivered the best results to the mailing industry for decades. The reason so many choose ML6 is the longevity of our products, the industry’s best availability, and pricing. ML6 polyurethane rollers feature a perfect (no grinding) surface finish, creating the best ID and OD tolerances (+/-0.001”).

Why Precision Matters

While it’s easy to think “it’s just a roller”, it’s even easier to lose sight of how much you ask of your rollers and wheels, day in and day out. Keeping your operations running with a minimum of downtime for machine repairs, feed jams, or other time wasters (and money costers) means upgrading to superior components for your application. If you expect and demand that your equipment do more, ML6 offers a proven upgrade you’ll notice immediately.

Take a look at the short video below to see one (of many) very simple reasons a more durable, precision roller can have a huge impact on your manufacturing environment.


The Importance of Total Indicated Runout When Selecting Polyurethane Rollers

YouTube video



Better Overall Quality

All these factors combined translate into a better polyurethane product that is consistent and accurate in manufacturing and production processes, which in turn provides:

  • A more uniform and consistent end product
  • Less maintenance and downtime
  • More profit

Manufacturers Supported

Pitney BowesMailcrafterCondes
Bell and HowellLasermaxHalmjet
Multi-FeederF.L. SmitheHonsel
Sure-FeedWinkler & DunnebeirInternational

Meridian Laboratory’s ML6 product line, which includes rollers, wheels, sheets, and tubes, is the result of a long history of optimized and custom solutions for our customers. Contact us to learn more.

Hardness Options
40A, 55A, 70A, 80A, 90A, 75D

Click to learn more about durometers

Hardness (+/- 5)40A55A70A80A90A60D
Ultimate Elongation (%)640540540640500300
Ultimate Tensile (PSI)320053005600690062006400
Tear Strength, pli Die "C"150244332421568620
Compression Modulus (Young's Modulus)38083016601990646016200
Compression Set (%
22 Hrs. @ 158ºF)
Bashore Rebound (%)504137313552
Abrasion Loss, mm20022415994101115

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  • Mailroom equipment
  • Press room manufacturing and production equipment
  • Paper feeders
  • Plastic film extrusion equipment
  • Automated packaging machinery

Rolls We Recover or Supply New

Part Number / Roll ID(s)DescriptionAvailable New | Available Recoat
Y613000Over-Under Roll (1.000" CD x 1.270" OD x 9.000")Recoat
Y686001Half Moon Roller (0.900" CD x 1.562" OD x 0.580" FL)Recoat
Y600224Roller (1.000" CD x 1.250" CD x 0.750" FL)Recoat
Y618001Tire Roller (1.316" OD x 0.972" ID)New
Y490525HubsNew & Recoat
Y680061APS Roller FlapperRecoat
10006-070Sure-Feed Nip Roller (3/4 Bore 1.750" OD x 0.875" Wide | 1.500" CD)New & Recoat
10006-013Sure-Feed Nip Roller (1/2 Bore 1.750" OD x 0.875" Wide | 1.500" CD)New & Recoat
10006-069Polyurethane Roller (1.750" x 0.875" WD x 0.750" Bore)New
10006-007Polyurethane Roller (1.750" x 0.875" WD x 0.500" Bore)New
186-28235-00088Tractor BeltNew
508531Roller-Singulator (2.000" OD x 1.500" CD x 2.125" FL x 0.375" Bore)New & Recoat
5030100000-0029249Tire Kicker (0.650" OD x 0.400" ID x 0.219" Wide)New
Y580120Polyurethane Roller (1.375" OD with NSK FCB-12 1-Way Bearing | 12mm Bore)Recoat
2036490-07Plate Singulator with Aluminum PlateNew & Recoat
2036687-08Plate Singulator with Air Clearance SlotNew & Recoat
335798Servo Roller LongRecoat
335799Servo Roller ShortRecoat
232832Feed Drum (Speed)Recoat
262496Feed Drum (Standard)Recoat
343166Feed Roller (Square)Recoat
252398Feed Roller (Small Dia)Recoat
258957Short Green RollerRecoat
23936Long Green RollerRecoat
359314Roller w/ Pulley-ShortRecoat
359315Roller w/ Pulley-LongRecoat
Y618001Envelope Tire (Ring)Recoat
Y490525Stacker or "D" RollRecoat
Y100407Separator RollRecoat
Y680061Flapper RollRecoat
8780055APS RollerRecoat
848069 - 848071APS Fold RollsRecoat

Want to speak with an ML6 expert today? Contact Meridian Laboratory – standard and custom solutions with no minimum order quantity, delivered in as little as 5 days!