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ROTOCON Rotary Ground rated to 10,000+ Amps continuous

ROTOCON® ERG-10000 Model Specifications

»  Provides consistent low and stable resistance for high current applications»  Robust industrial design provides reliable long lasting performance
»  Requires ZERO grease or routine maintenance»  Remains unaffected by RPM or total number of revolutions

Designed for currents up to 10,000A+, the ERG-10000 provides a low-resistance and stable grounding path for current to flow  The entire high-current ERG Series by Meridian Laboratory provides the perfect ground for rotational welding, plating, polishing, and other high-current applications that require rotation. It is designed to withstand 100% duty cycles in continuous manufacturing and production processes, without interruption or downtime.

Conventional brushed rotary grounds rely on a metal-on-metal contact and are prone to arcing, wear, and high fluctuations in current due to changes in resistance, Meridian Laboratory’s ERG Series are arc-free, provide low and stable resistance, and do not require greasing or any type of maintenance.

See the benefits ROTOCON Rotary Grounds can provide!

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RPMModel dependent, see model specifications below*
MOUNTINGEnd of shaft with threaded stud or flange, or with set screws onto shaft (through-hole ERGT Series) Click here for installation and best practices video.
HOUSING304 Stainless steel
OPERATIONCan be operated in any direction or orientation
MAINTENANCEFeatures permanently lubricated bearings, brush-free design requires no user maintenance

ERG-10000 Model Specifications

AMPERAGEModel dependent, see specifications chart - 100% overload allowed for <60 seconds
FREQUENCYDC to 1GHz - Contact Meridian Laboratory for ampacity ratings at higher frequencies
ROTATING CONTACT RESISTANCESame as stationary contact resistance (<0.1mΩ)
OPERATIONIntrinsically immune to internal arcing

ERG-10000 Model Specifications

AMBIENT TEMPERATURENot to exceed 160˚F (70˚C)
IP RATINGStandard is IP65, Available up to IP68
RoHS COMPLIANCEOptional, RoHS /CE Compliancy Available


  • Rotary welding
  • Electro-plating
  • Rotary cutting
  • Rotary magnetrons/sputtering deposition
  • Cable reels
  • Electro-polishing