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Blog / 2017.06.10

NASCAR Video Camera Vibrations Reduced with Meridian Laboratory Custom Solution

Sven Krause / ML6, ML6 Case Study

ROTOCON improves Camera


The choice manufacturer and integrator of high-end, in-car video cameras used by the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) for live video transmission and recording was challenged to create a new generation of more vibration-free cameras. After experimenting with many types of natural and synthetic rubbers, plastics and urethanes to isolate and minimize vibration, the manufacturer could not achieve desired results using standard, off-the-shelf parts.


Working with Meridian Laboratory, the manufacturer was surprised to learn of quick and cost-effective tooling that Meridian could customize to fit its exact needs. With Meridian Laboratory’s engineering support, and the ability to specify the exact tolerances/dimensions of the customer’s proposed solution, a custom polyurethane ML6 vibration isolation mount was created to meet the demands. The manufacturer could then design a solution useable on new and existing equipment, minimizing the need for any design changes to cameras already in the field, while maximizing performance.

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