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Ethernet Slip Ring ROTOCON


Three Reasons to Consider Ethernet/Data in Your Slip Ring Choice

Technological advances require innovative slip ring solutions; and for more than half…

High Current Rotary Ground


VIDEO – Contact Resistance Is Important In A Rotary Ground/Welding Clamp

An important concept in the design and use of rotary ground clamps…

Meridian Laboratory, Conact Meridian Laboratory, Tradeshow Booth


ROTOCON Thriving Through the Decades…from Cheese Slices to the Titanic

Here at Meridian Laboratory, we often boast of our company’s proud 55-year…

Meridian Laboratory Custom ROTOCON Rotary Electrical Connector, Slip Ring Alternatives


Three Steps To Selecting a Slip Ring

Meridian Laboratory has over 55 years of experience in designing and manufacturing…

ROTOCON Clean At All RPM's


ROTOCON Low Noise Slip Rings Have a Signal Quality that Remains Clean At All RPM

Signal quality of ROTOCON rotary electrical connectors remains clean and unaffected by RPM.

Noise Free Rotocon


ROTOCON Slip Ring Alternative Allows Clean, Noise-Free Signals in Extreme Oceanographic Environments

Oceanographic winches in harsh environments are no trouble for ROTOCON.


Tank welders use ROTOCON Electrical Rotary Connector to Improve Production Speeds, Reduce Product Defects and Eliminate Arcing

Challenges in rotary tank welding applications are no match for ROTOCON MC Series.


ROTOCON Slip Ring Alternative Enables Canning Equipment Maker to Build High-Speed Video Inspection System

Meridian Laboratory can build a virtually infinite number of variations of rotary electrical connectors.

Wire bundler, bundler slip ring, budler rotary connector


ROTOCON Rotary Electrical Connector Solves Slip Ring Dilemmas for Data Equipment Manufacturer

ROTOCON provides 100% maintenance-free alternative without needing adjustments or upkeep.