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Blog / 2017.05.10

Tank welders use ROTOCON Electrical Rotary Connector to Improve Production Speeds, Reduce Product Defects and Eliminate Arcing

Sven Krause / ROTOCON, ROTOCON Case Study


A pioneer in the compressor and air conditioning and refrigeration systems industry approached Meridian Laboratory with challenges in rotary tank welding applications. The company’s manufacturing process included using conventional magnetic and screw-on, brushed, rotary welding grounds. This design limited the amount of current welders could apply, the speed at which they could effectively weld, and the penetration they could achieve with their welds. The brushed rotary grounds only provided minimal longevity and led to arcing and constant maintenance.

  • Brushed rotary ground clamps provided poor grounding capabilities and high arcing potential.
  • Machines operated at decreased current levels due to unreliable/inconsistent ground clamps.
  • Variances in penetration and weld quality were visible between different machines.


The company learned about Meridian Laboratory’s ROTOCON MC series electrical rotary connector grounds and the wide array of models, designs and capabilities spanning from 250 to 10,000 amperes. The customer then retrofitted all existing equipment, replacing existing brushed ground clamps with brush-free ROTOCON contacts. With the ROTOCON, the customer instantly expanded the amount of current well beyond the previous 250-amp welding limit, eliminated all forms of potential arcing, and increased weld penetration and output speed.

  • ROTOCON MC-500 single-contact ground matched the output capability of the welding head.
  • 100% maintenance-free and arc-free design allowed for uninterruptible machine output and usage.
  • Cost savings resulted from increased production speeds with fewer product defects.

General Information

Meridian Laboratory’s wide array of options, features and capabilities allows us to build and manufacture a virtually infinite number of variations of rotary electrical connectors. Meridian Laboratory provides engineering support to assist in design of new units, retrofit of existing equipment, and complete solutions optimized to your applications. Meridian Laboratory can design single, one-off prototype/concept solutions with no minimum order quantity. Or, we can provide rotary electrical connectors routinely, based on your production schedules and timelines.

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