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Precision Custom Polyurethane Manufacturing

Custom Cast & Molded Polyurethane

Custom Polyurethane Components Manufacturing


For more than 55 years, Meridian Laboratory has been a leader in delivering precision polyurethane drive rollers, idler rollers, encoder wheels, flat sheet, and other designs.  Meridian Laboratory has developed an extensive collection of standardized parts in a wide range of shapes and sizes.  Despite this, what sets Meridian Laboratory apart from conventional custom molded polyurethane manufacturers is its ability to deliver quick, precise, yet cost effective prototype and low volume parts.  Meridian Laboratory has proven time and time again it can deliver from prototype to production – supporting its customers throughout the entire process.

With the unique manufacturing technique used to produce ML6 polyurethane parts, Meridian Laboratory has the ability to scale output with time as need and quantity grows.  This allows Meridian Laboratory to adequately support projects from single prototypes to high-volume production, in an efficient and cost effective way.


Meridian Laboratory has made the process of developing custom cast and custom molded polyurethane components, easy and efficient.

  1. Contact Meridian Laboratory with specifications, drawings, or the part you wish to have made.
  2. In the event Meridian Laboratory does not have pre-existing tooling which fit your needs, a recommendation will be provided on pre-existing tooling and sizing.
  3. If you require specialized tooling, a one-time setup charge (generally between $250 and $500) and is good for the lifetime of the parts’ dimensions.
  4. Specify if you would like to send parts to Meridian Laboratory, or have us deliver the part complete to print.
  5. Typically, in 5-7 business days you will receive your first parts for testing and evaluation.
  6. As demand and quantities scale, so can Meridian Laboratory’s output and production capabilities to meet your needs.
  7. After the parts are delivered, you can expect periodic check-ins from us – it is our priority to make sure they not only exceed your expectations, but deliver the industry leading performance and longevity we are known for!