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ML6® Polyurethane Sample Request

You’ve Seen The Difference, Now Feel It For Yourself

Not All Polyurethane is Engineered Equally

ML6®: 55+ Years of Unparalleled Precision and Superior Performance

Whether you’re looking for superior friction for moving products from point A to point B, or the durability to endure harsh chemical or environmental conditions, ML6 is the proven tool you need to deliver measurably better results.

• Polyurethane available in Durometers ranging from 40A to 75D (Shore Hardness)

• ID/OD tolerances less than 0.001″ TIR (Precision Cast Process)

• Backed with 55+ years of urethane application consulting experience


Don’t take our word for it, sign up for a free sample kit and feel the difference for yourself.


Simply fill out the form below, and we’ll ship you a complete ML6 Sample Kit. Please allow up to 10 business days for arrival of samples. Please note, for internationally shipped sample orders we require a FEDEX or UPS Account Number to process sample requests. 


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