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Reduce Downtime and Replacement of Parts for drive wheels, idler rollers, cam followers, custom parts and solutions

Precision Polyurethane for Factory Automation

ML6 Precision Polyurethane Products Reduce Downtime and Replacement of Parts

  • Specific applications: Sheet glass production, window manufacturing & assembly, steel production, stainless steel appliance assembly, glass tube production, wire and cable manufacturing, robotic assembly, aerospace assembly.
  • Client testimony: “…by utilizing Meridian Laboratory’s ML6 polyurethane products we were able to reduce the rate which we replaced our rollers by over half, with the precision and quality being even higher than our old provider.”
  • Nearly half of all manila envelopes produced in North America come in contact with ML6 precision drive rollers!

If you design, manufacture, or service factory automation equipment and machines, you should be aware of the benefits which Meridian Laboratory is able to provide to your machine or equipment.  Whether your fully or semi-automated application requires a process which drives, idles, indexes, or converts you can rely on Meridian Laboratory’s ML6 precision polyurethane products to reduce downtime, reduce the number of rejected parts, maximize productivity and output.

Key Statistics

  • All tolerances guaranteed within 0.001” or better
  • Meridian Laboratory works directly with raw ingredient manufacturers to deliver a finished product, specifically tailored for manufacturing and industrial processes and applications
  • Longer lasting over conventional ground urethane compounds and manufacturing techniques
  • Non-marking surface great for converting and material handling and assembly applications

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