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Brushless Rotating Electrical Connectors & Slip Rings


Find the ROTOCON Slip Ring That’s Right for You

Meridian Laboratory’s ROTOCON technology is offered in a variety of styles to meet the multitude of requirements for rotating electrical connectors.

Power and signal in one assembly?  No problem.

Steady and stable high-current? Guaranteed, day in and day out.

Consistent and reliable Ethernet/communication? Delivered.

Our ROTOCON lineup features over 350 standardized slip ring configurations, with the ability to offer an abundance of customization options in a fast and cost-effective manner.  Meridian Laboratory’s proprietary ROTOCON technology specializes in delivering the highest quality solutions available in rotating electrical connectors.

Find out how a ROTOCON rotary electrical connector will outperform conventional slip rings and improve your process.

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Non-Contact Slip Ring Assemblies.

Rotation in industrial environments causes many complicated problems, our ROTOCON® slip ring assemblies solve them. Where traditional metal on metal brushed slip ring contacts cause limitations within a process, maintenance headaches, short duty cycles, and lost time and money in your production environment; brushless ROTOCON slip rings from Meridian Laboratory offer a maintenance-free, long-lasting alternative to conventional slip rings.

Custom Solutions
Rotary Ground


  • Higher RPMs
  • Zero Maintenance / Continuous Use
  • High Speed Data and Power Transmission
  • Wide Range of Voltage and Amperage Capabilities
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Rotating Electrical Connectors
Rotary Ground
Rotating Electrical Connectors

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