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ROTOCON Rotary Electrical Connectors Maximize Production Efficiency and Productivity

Sealed Slip Rings for Construction & Agriculture

Meridian Laboratory’s ROTOCON industrial slip rings are manufactured for continuous use in rugged and harsh environments.  Utilizing various methods and levels of environmental sealing and range product offerings, original equipment manufacturers and construction engineers across the world have utilized ROTOCON rotary electrical connectors in delivering power and signal to applications such as overhead cranes, winch assemblies, heavy machinery, and pipe and tank welding production equipment.  Meridian Laboratory ROTOCON rotary electrical connectors are offered with a wide number of contacts, and are capable of mixing power and signal lines within the same assembly or axis.

Specific Projects

  • High current rotary ground (MC Series) for rotational pipe welding and production
  • Multi-channel, high current rotary electrical connectors (MXP Series) for overhead cranes
  • Power and signal rotary electrical connectors (M Series) for electromagnetic winches