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Maintenance free

low noise slip ring


ROTOCON Slip Ring Ensures Small Currents and Voltages are Measured Precisely

Meridian Laboratory was contacted by a team at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland. They were working on a research project to investigate energy harvesting from a rotational power source without stationary components.


The History of ROTOCON Brushless Slip Rings Exceeding Performance Expectations

Meridian Laboratory’s success relies on our willingness to embrace challenges and deliver high-performance ROTOCON slip ring solutions all around the globe.

High Current Rotary Ground


Video – Rotary Ground / Welding Clamp Contact Resistance Demonstration

The importance of low and stable contact resistance while selecting a rotary ground / welding clamp.

Wire bundler, bundler slip ring, budler rotary connector


ROTOCON Brushless Slip Rings Solve Dilemmas for Data Equipment Manufacturer

ROTOCON provides 100% maintenance-free alternative without needing adjustments or upkeep.


White Paper: The Importance Of Contact Resistance In Slip Rings

ROTOCON® Brushless Slip Rings Consistently Deliver Low and Stable Electrical Resistance Our…

High Speed Rotary Transmitter


Meridian Laboratory Acquires Magtrol’s Ultra High-Speed Rotary Transmitters

Acquisition strengthens Meridian Laboratory’s presence and capabilities in the global slip ring…

Drive roller, polyurethane drive roller, runout, precision polyurethane


VIDEO – Why Total Indicated Runout Is Important When Selecting Your Polyurethane Rollers

Here at Meridian Laboratory, we pride ourselves on our ability to create…

ML6 checklist from Meridian


ML6 Polyurethane Checklist – 7 Things We Need To Know To Resolve Your Problems

Each year, Meridian Laboratory works with dozens of engineers, designers, maintenance technicians,…

ML6 Glass Manufacturing


ML6 Solves Problems for Glass Fabrication System Manufacturer

The Problem In the manufacture of glass, consistent quality is everything. Any…