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  • ROTOCON ERG-800-01 Rotary Ground
  • ROTOCON ERG-800-01 RoHS compliant Rotary Ground
  • ROTOCON ERG-800-11 Rotary Ground
  • ROTOCON ERG-800-11 Rotary Ground with RoHS compliant feature
  • ROTOCON ERG-800-21 Rotary Ground for Rotational Welding
  • ROTOCON ERG-800-21 RoHS compliant Rotary Ground unit
  • ROTOCON ERG-800-41 RoHS compliant Rotary Ground unit for Plasma
  • ROTOCON ERG-800-31 Rotary Ground
  • 800 A Rotary Ground
  • Meridian Laboratory ROTOCON ERG



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ROTOCON® ERG-800 Model Specifications

» Perfectly consistent and stable current delivery, without fluctuations » 100% Maintenance-Free without greasing, cleaning, or adjustment required
» Frequently surpass 500 Million plus revolutions with guaranteed current consistency over time» RoHS / CE Compliant options available

The high-current ERG Series by Meridian Laboratory provides the perfect ground for rotational welding, plating, polishing, and other high-current applications that require rotation. The flexible new design offers a number of robust options and mounting variations to meet your exact specifications.

Contrary to conventional brushed rotary grounds, Meridian Laboratory’s ERG Series are arc-free, do not have internal friction, and do not require greasing or any type of maintenance. All ROTOCON rotary grounds are built environmentally sealed, and with 304SS corrosion proof housings to ensure a long service life, even in the most challenging manufacturing environments and chemical exposure.

ERG-800s are also available in RoHS / CE Compliant versions.

For applications requiring a through-bore, the ROTOCON ERGT Series electrical rotary grounds are listed in the chart below.

ERG-800 Datatsheet Download

ERG 800 Lineup
The ERG Series provides a perfect rotating ground contact to meet the most demanding applications. The adaptability of its design offers an abundance of robust mounting options to deliver the highest quality solution.

Suitable for all environments and applications including rotary welding, electro-plating, electro-polishing, cutting, and other high-current rotating industrial applications, the ROTOCON ERG Series is designed to withstand 100% duty cycles in continuous manufacturing and production processes, without interruption or downtime. The ROTOCON’s brush-free design eliminates all issues such as maintaining brush contact and conductivity, does not require application of conductive greases, and eliminates elevated contact resistance associated with conventional brushed rotary grounds.

The Importance of Low and Stable Contact Resistance While Selecting a Rotary Ground / Welding Clamp

An imperative concept in the design and use of rotary grounds is contact resistance. Contact resistance is the measurement of electrical resistance between two points. Everything electrically conductive has some amount of contact resistance, typically a more conductive material will exhibit less contact resistance. The ERG-800 exhibits less resistance than competitors and is more consistent in how that resistance is exerted. By delivering a consistent and stable current delivery, Meridian Laboratory products ensure improved results and a lower margin of error. In the demonstration, you will see this is the case.

Since 1963, ROTOCONs have been relied upon to exceed even the highest industry demands, with tens of thousands of units sold worldwide. ERG rotary ground clamps are made available as RoHS / CE compliant while still delivering the legendary quality and durability that ROTOCON customers have come to expect.

Stop Settling for Less, It’s Time to Upgrade from Your Problematic Lenco and Tweco Brands

Brushed rotary ground clamps and other traditional products on the market provide poor grounding capabilities, constant grease maintenance, and high arcing potential. This leads to machines operating at decreased current levels with variances in penetration, weld quality, and ultimately scrapped product.


Experience the Maintenance-Free Brushless ROTOCON ERG Electrical Rotary Ground Solution for Yourself

Trade-in your Lenco or Tweco model and receive 10% off your first order.

It’s time to enjoy the benefits only a ROTOCON can offer:

  • 100% maintenance-free and arc-free design for uninterruptible machine output and usage
  • Frequently surpass 500 million revolutions without demonstrating a change in performance
  • Provides consistent low and stable resistance for high current applications
  • Receive a 10% discount for your trade-in

Installing your ROTOCON is a simple process. Occasionally we get questions from new customers (and even existing ones with new or innovative applications) asking what are the best ways to ensure an optimal installation process, so we’ve compiled a few helpful tips to get your ROTOCON up and running the right way, the first time.

If you have questions or concerns of any kind, contact us, our engineers will be happy to assist you in properly installing your ROTOCON®

Installing Your ROTOCON ERG-Series High Current Rotary Ground
YouTube video

This video shows installation and best practices when installing your ROTOCON ERG-Series, high-current electrical rotary ground. Meridian Laboratory’s full lineup of single contact, high-current rotary ground clamps provide a consistent, maintenance-free contact unaffected by RPM or total number of revolutions. Contrary to conventional brushed rotary grounds, Meridian Laboratory’s ERG-Series are arc-free, do not have internal friction, and do not require greasing or any type of maintenance.


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ERG 800 Lineup

The ROTOCON platform is engineered by design to be efficiently customized. We have many standard options and full custom production capabilities. Extending the capability of our standard models can easily provide optimized solutions for your application, saving you time and money.


  • Extremely low contact resistance (<1mΩ (0 TO 1,000 RPM))
  • Maintenance free – does not require grease or adjustment of any type
  • Unaffected by RPM and use over time
  • Environmentally sealed
  • Operates in any direction or orientation
  • Five different versions allow for multitude of mounting options
Meridian Lab Rotary Ground


  • Rotary welding
  • Electro-plating
  • Plasma cutting
  • Rotary magnetrons/sputtering deposition
  • Cable reels
  • Lightning strike ground (up to 100,000A tested)
  • Electro-polishing
400A Rotary Ground Clamp
Meridian Lab Rotary Ground
400A Rotary Ground Clamp

Video: ROTOCON ERG – Electrical Rotary Ground Contact Resistance Demonstration

Contact Meridian Laboratory – High-Performance Rotary Electrical Connectors with Zero-Noise, Maintenance-Free Operation in Industrial Environments

Through-Bore Models (ERGT Series)

MCT Series

Model #
(Specify preferred hole diameter as XXXX)
Minimum Hole Diameter (HD)Maximum Hole Diameter (HD)Max Current (Amps)Total Length (TL)Outside Diameter (OD)Number of Conductive Studs on BodyStud Size / ThreadRPM (Continuous / Momentary)
ERGT-500-XXXX0.250"2.000"500A4.55"4.3"11/2"-13200 / 400
ERGT-1000-XXXX0.250"2.000"1000A4.55"4.3"21/2"-13200 / 400
ERGT-1500-XXXX0.250"2.000"1500A4.55"4.3"31/2"-13200 / 400
ERGT-2000-XXXX0.250"2.000"2000A4.55"4.3"41/2"-13200 / 400
ERGT-2000-XXXX1.000"2.500"2000A5.187"6"41/2"-13150 / 300
ERGT-3000-XXXX1.000"1.000"3000A5.187"6"61/2"-13150 / 300
NoteThrough-Hole diameter can be specified at time of order to exact dimension; standard tolerance of bore is +0.003" / -0.000"Assumes 100% duty cycle of direct current (DC); alternating current (AC) will have lesser ampacity ratingAll conductive studs must be used to guarantee rated amperage maximum
Need a different size or arrangement? Custom models are available, contact Meridian Laboratory for other models, and specific information.

Click here for installation and best practices page.