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ML6 Innovative Polyurethane Drive Rollers for the Packaging Industry

Meridian Laboratory delivers a matte finish solution with great tolerances & durability, with a non-grip surface for passing materials.

low noise slip ring


ROTOCON Slip Ring Ensures Small Currents and Voltages are Measured Precisely

Meridian Laboratory was contacted by a team at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland. They were working on a research project to investigate energy harvesting from a rotational power source without stationary components.

Mail House Rollers


ML6 Delivering High-Precision Polyurethane Solutions Through the Decades

For over 55 years, Meridian Laboratory has developed a proud culture of investing in innovation, delivering high-precision solutions all over the globe.


The History of ROTOCON Brushless Slip Rings Exceeding Performance Expectations

Meridian Laboratory’s success relies on our willingness to embrace challenges and deliver high-performance ROTOCON slip ring solutions all around the globe.

Drive roller, polyurethane drive roller, runout, precision polyurethane


VIDEO – The Importance of Total Indicated Runout When Selecting Polyurethane Rollers

Meridian Laboratory’s unique and time-tested manufacturing methods guarantee a low total indicated runout.

High Current Rotary Ground


Video – ERG Electrical Rotary Ground / Welding Clamp Contact Resistance Demonstration

The importance of low and stable contact resistance while selecting a rotary ground / welding clamp.


Meridian Laboratory Announces A New Line of ROTOCON High-Current Rotary Grounds

The ERG Series of electrical rotary grounds provide a zero-maintenance solution for rotational ground applications.