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Rotocon High-Performance Slip Rings Withstand the Most Demanding Semiconductor Requirements

Delivering a high-performance solution to support semiconductor leaders produce the world’s best silicon wafers.

Polyurethane Clamps and Grippers


Why Are Engineers Choosing Polyurethane to Coat Clamps and Grippers?

From robot pincer fingers to workholdings, today’s industry leaders are turning to ML6 Precision Polyurethane to meet their gripping needs.


ML6 Innovative Polyurethane Drive Rollers for the Packaging Industry

Meridian Laboratory delivers a matte finish solution with great tolerances & durability, with a non-grip surface for passing materials.

low noise slip ring


ROTOCON Slip Ring Ensures Small Currents and Voltages are Measured Precisely

Meridian Laboratory was contacted by a team at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland. They were working on a research project to investigate energy harvesting from a rotational power source without stationary components.

Mail House Rollers


ML6 Delivering High-Precision Polyurethane Solutions Through the Decades

For over 55 years, Meridian Laboratory has developed a proud culture of investing in innovation, delivering high-precision solutions all over the globe.


The History of ROTOCON Brushless Slip Rings Exceeding Performance Expectations

Meridian Laboratory’s success relies on our willingness to embrace challenges and deliver high-performance ROTOCON slip ring solutions all around the globe.

Drive roller, polyurethane drive roller, runout, precision polyurethane


VIDEO – The Importance of Total Indicated Runout When Selecting Polyurethane Rollers

Meridian Laboratory’s unique and time-tested manufacturing methods guarantee a low total indicated runout.

Wire bundler, bundler slip ring, budler rotary connector


ROTOCON Brushless Slip Rings Solve Dilemmas for Data Equipment Manufacturer

ROTOCON provides 100% maintenance-free alternative without needing adjustments or upkeep.

Polyurethane Metering Wheels


Innovative ML6 Precision Polyurethane No Crush Wheels & Rollers

Flexible Zero-Crush Spacing Wheels Since 1963, the world’s most trusted companies have…