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Meridian Laboratory 2018 Year in Review

Meridian Laboratory continues to deliver high-performance solutions for our wonderful customers with our brushless slip rings (ROTOCON) & polyurethane overmolds (ML6).


Meridian ML6 Polyurethane: Driving UW Engineering’s Hyperloop Team Forward

If you’re like most people, you’ve heard of Hyperloop and know it’s…


Polyurethane Manufacturers Association Conference 2018

We were pleased to attend the 2018 meeting of the Polyurethane Manufacturers…

Polyurethane Coated Idler Rollers


How the Right Rollers Ensure a Better End Product

Having worked with raw base polymer manufacturers for more than 55 years,…

Drive roller, polyurethane drive roller, runout, precision polyurethane


VIDEO – Why Total Indicated Runout Is Important When Selecting Your Polyurethane Rollers

Here at Meridian Laboratory, we pride ourselves on our ability to create…

ML6 Polyurethane


ML6 and the Language Master, the History of High-Precision Polyurethane

Innovation has become a business buzzword -everywhere you look some company is…

ML6 checklist from Meridian


ML6 Polyurethane Checklist – 7 Things We Need To Know To Resolve Your Problems

Each year, Meridian Laboratory works with dozens of engineers, designers, maintenance technicians,…

ML6 Glass Manufacturing


ML6 Solves Problems for Glass Fabrication System Manufacturer

The Problem In the manufacture of glass, consistent quality is everything. Any…

ML6 improves productivity


ML6 Polyurethane Significantly Improves Productivity and Reduces Downtime

Factory supplied machine ground rubber rollers wore out quickly, ML6 provided the answer.